‘Pulse’ Cables Edge Closer to Audio Perfection

By P. Joseph

Vertere Acoustics, innovator in high-end audio, has launched a new range of analogue interconnect and speaker cables, designed to create the highest quality reproduction of music.

More than 25 years of award-winning audio product design have taken Touraj Moghaddam, founder and CEO of Vertere, to his latest ground-breaking innovation.

“Five years ago,” he says, “I came across an unsuspected yet vitally important weak link that was compromising the musical performance of almost any audio system – the cables!”

Mr Moghaddam emphasises that the cables are not to be regarded as accessories used to ‘voice’ and alter the sound of the system. In reality, interconnect and speaker cables are crucial components of the system, with an almost impossible task of remaining faithful to the signal and the message they conduct.

Unable to find cables of good enough quality at any price, Mr Moghaddam eventually chose to design his own. The result was the truly exceptional hand-built Pulse cable.

The hand-built Pulse is designed for ultimate performance and utilises proprietary conductors – some of which are a fraction of the thickness of a human hair. Each Pulse cable is meticulously hand assembled to the exacting standards of the original master.

The attention to design and detail of the hand-built Pulse is analogous to designing and making precision watches or F1 car components. Each pair is extensively tested, to ensure perfect communication of the delicate and yet dynamic musical signal, from CD player or other source to loudspeaker.

“To push performance boundaries in any field requires the understanding and addressing of each and every weak link, one at a time,” says Mr Moghaddam.

Even the connecting plugs have been redesigned to match in quality and performance. Vertere proprietary connectors are precision machined from special copper alloy with 5 microns of Hard Gold plating (23.95ct) to ensure optimum connectivity.

In field trials, Mr Moghaddam’s hand-built Pulse brought to life high-end audio systems costing from tens of thousands of dollars to over $1,000,000.

But the fragility of the Microline conductors inside the hand-built Pulse created a challenge in the construction, limited the overall length to 2.0m and pushed the cost to more than $10,000 for a stereo pair. Following the extraordinary results they’d enjoyed by installing the hand-built Pulse, many high-end users requested production of longer interconnects in order to replace the remaining cables of greater length in their systems.

The research and development that followed over two years came to fruition in February 2011. Derived from the amazing hand-built Pulse, a complete new range of analogue interconnect and loudspeaker cables was launched.

Pulse-R represents the closest in performance Vertere has achieved to its remarkable hand-built Pulse. The derivatives in the series, Pulse-B, Pulse-C and Pulse-X further exemplify Vertere’s desire to remedy the weak links in audio systems at all levels.

Available in any length up to 100m, the new Pulse cables can provide bespoke solutions for home and studio installations. And of course, yachts.

Achieving this means that the Pulse series of interconnect and speaker cables can convey the very essence of music, its heart and its soul. Wherever you are.

By P. Joseph