‘Wokart’ Replicates the Go-Kart Experience on Water

By Paul Joseph

Designer Dr. Theo Christen has created a catamaran that offers the same driving experience on water as a go-kart.

Called the ‘Wokart’, the featherweight, single-seater vessel was designed over four years and is finally ready for production. It is billed as “fast, responsive, agile and fun” thanks to its agile structure and high power-to-weight ratio.

According to the creators’ website, the Wokart “transforms water into roads and gives the feeling of driving on water, even in areas where Jet craft are no longer permitted.”

The catamaran features a mid-mounted 70hp outboard motor and automotive styled steering system that ensure it can achieve high speed turns without flipping over. Customers looking for extra power can also opt for an 85hp motor.

The Wokart will go into production in Thailand starting next month and will retail for €20,000 ($27,400).

By Paul Joseph