Antelope Audio Creates Ultra High-Tech Audio Preamp

By Paul Joseph

Audio equipment makers Antelope Audio have created what they are billing as one of the most high-tech preamplifiers ever designed.

Featuring an integrated atomic clock 100,000 times more accurate than the average quartz oscillator technology used in standard electronics, the new Rubicon preamp is expected to appeal to audiophiles looking to get maximum sound quality out of their audio equipment

The atomic clock ensures that artefacts that typically interrupt audio such as ‘jitter’ will be significantly reduced, if not completely removed, from the converted signal.

Another feature of the preamp is its massive 384khz sample rate, which enables it to convert and handle a vast amount of data at once.

Igor Levin, CEO and founder of Antelope Audio, said: “I find the idea of an audio enthusiast being able to hear his/her favourite recordings clocked by the world’s most stable clock very exciting.

“I believe this will bring the music appreciation in the home environment to a completely new level compared only to the precision and sonic detail representation available at the finest professional listening rooms.”

A price for the Rubicon has yet to be announced by Antelope Audio as the company gauges the market for interest.

By Paul Joseph