AquaVenture Create Ultra-Fast Motorless Submarine

By Paul Joseph

US-based design company AquaVenture Watercrafts have created what is billed as the world’s fastest personal submarine – despite operating without a conventional motor.

The two-seater SeaBird Luxury Sport LE uses a patent-pending tow system to reach speeds of about 22 knots and reach depths of 300ft.

AquaVenture says that delivery of the new submersible will begin once the ABS classification process has been completed. The company also confirmed that one of its launch customers for the submarine is a fractional yacht ownership company.

Other notable features on the SeaBird include a sonar based intercom system, an electronic 6-Hydroplane control system, an easy-to-control life support system, 10-hour submergence capacity, a 24-volt electronic system powered by hot swappable batteries, and an underwater lighting system for darker areas.

Several luxury add-ons are likely be offered, including upgraded leather interiors, surround sound speakers, higher grade communication system, upgraded temperature controls, turbine electrical generator, fibre-optic telemetry system, larger batteries, and a 3-axis joystick.

Prices for the SeaBird are expected to begin at around $210,000.

By Paul Joseph