Art Basel 2018: NetJets VIP Lounge Art Piece Embodies the Essence of Flying

By Paul Joseph

The Swiss edition of Art Basel, the prestigious global arts fair, kicks off tomorrow and once again private aviation giants NetJets will be at the heart of the action.

The relationship between NetJets and Art Basel dates back 17 years and to mark this year’s show the Berkshire Hathaway company have created an eye-catching arts installation to be displayed in the NetJets VIP Lounge in the Art Basel Collectors Lounge.

Designed as part of a collaboration with Belgian painter, illustrator and street artist Oli-B, the installation complements the notion of air travel while recognising Netjets’ engagement with art and design.

A large number of NetJets owners are art collectors and enthusiasts, and the company has made great efforts over the years to create synergy between the arts world and the essence of flying.

Speaking about the installation, Oli-B said: “In creating this installation, my goal was to craft an original piece of work mixing geometric abstract shapes and curves, that reminds me of NetJets aircraft and the seamlessness of flying privately.

"When you fly, you can also dream, and to capture this quality I took inspiration in the design of a plane in the sky and in the evasion of reality. The painting will invite visitors to travel in it, and bring them good feelings, serenity and positive energy.”

Every year NetJets creates a six-day event at Art Basel in Basel and Art Basel in Miami Beach with their VIP lounge providing owners with hospitality throughout the week, as well as access to the show during the VIP days.

Art Basel 2018 takes place at the Messe Basel exhibition centre from 14-17 June.

By Paul Joseph