Artcurial to Auction Xavier Veilhan's RAL 5015 Boat

By B. Roberts

Artcurial | Briest-Poulain-F. Tajan is the foremost Paris auction house, which covers all areas of the art market. From 27th May-1st June 2010 they will unveil and host the auction of a technological and aesthetic bijou, the RAL 5015 boat.

The RAL 5015 boat is a monochrome nautical sculpture with a real speed of 40 knots; a brand new work from Parisian artist Xavier Veilhan. The project, completed this year in a collaboration with the prestigious Frauscher Shipyard, saw a combination of art and technical prowess in a boat that will be unveiled for the first time at the Hôtel Marcel-Dassault in Paris this month.

The unique design was created to correspond with Xavier Veilhan’s approach to movement and means of transport from the horse to more sophisticated forms of transport. Veilhan holds an artistic interest in transport, which is linked to his idea of dynamics and apparent wish to analyze and re-transcribe movement.

“I love cars, boats, skiing, biking, planes… as a means of opening up a different, dynamic vision, with which the eye is physically associated,” said Veilhan.

Measuring in at 6.9m, the RAL 5015 can achieve 40 knots maximum speed comfortably through her MERCRUISER Output Engine, allowing 8 people to enjoy the experience.

The RAL 5015 is the savoir-faire of the Frauscher shipyard, meaning Xavier Veilhan’s new design is a high-performance boat featuring the latest in nautical technology.

By B. Roberts