Aspen One Watch Collection is Released

By Paul Joseph

American brand Aspen Jewelry and Watches has launched its first customisable luxury wrist watch collection, called Aspen One.

Renowned for their skiing-themed watches, owing to the company’s base in Colorado near to the famous slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen’s new collection comes in a choice of 18-karat Rose gold and White Gold.

Available in variety of colors that can be chosen for the dial as well as the vessel, the entire collection watches will be produced in limited pieces of 3,267 – a number that represents the high from the base of Aspen Mountain to its peak.

Amongst the 30 variations within the collection are the Aspen One Downhill GT in Titanium/Gold, the Aspen One Zenvo watch inspired by the Zenvo ST1 supercar, and the Aspen One ‘Back in Tie Gondola’ that converts to a pocket watch in a matter of seconds.

The Aspen One Watch Collection is available to purchase from an exclusive group of 50 outlets worldwide in the US, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Brazil.

By Paul Joseph