Aston Martin Designs its First Ever Luxury Kitchen

By Paul Joseph

Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin has shown its inclination to venture beyond the auto world in the pursuit of excellence with yachts and real estate, and now it has turned its hand to high-end home kitchen design.

The brand recently debuted its first ever kitchen in association with luxury Italian design company Formitalia.

Featuring Aston Martin's refined aesthetic and craftsmanship, the elegant V888 kitchen showcases state-of-the-art technology and makes use of an array of sumptuous materials.

Among its lavish features are a benchtop in grey Pulpis marble along with a moving countertop made of Canaletto walnut and equipped with a remote-controlled electrical mechanism.

The lower section displays sides upholstered in Cuoio leather and lacquered storage drawers with fine leather detailing. The cabinets’ feet are made of metal with a clean finishing of titanium.

The V888 kitchen’s storage structure also includes a versatile pantry and bar, two wide drawers, and a glass-holding rack.

Aston Martin are not the first car brand to diversify into kitchens. German automaker Porsche have previously introduced the modular "Kitchen for Men", while Italian car design firm Pininfarina came up with the Aria series of cutting-edge kitchens in partnership with Italian kitchen experts Snaidero.

By Paul Joseph