Aston Martin Launches New Season of ‘Art of Living’ Events

By Paul Joseph

Aston Martin’s 2019 season of luxury lifestyle events – known as Art of Living by Aston Martin – promises to be the best yet, providing guests with the chance to enjoy unrivalled access to world-class events at home and abroad.

Created for those who want to live life the “Aston Martin way”, the brand’s luxury lifestyle programme invites fans of the famous British car brand to indulge in curated lifestyle experiences in areas such as travel, haute cuisine, sport, fashion and culture.

The season begins this month with ‘Hokkaido on Ice’, which sees guests travel to the Tokachi International Circuit in Japan to learn how to find the limit of an Aston Martin sports car on snow and ice alongside specialist Aston Martin driving instructors, before unwinding in a hot spring.

Other highlights for motorsports enthusiasts include Monaco in May, where guests can enjoy a night-race weekend with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. The 24 Hours of Le Mans also awaits, with helicopter transfers to and from a luxury chateau taking guests into the world of endurance racing and special behind-the-scenes access to the Aston Martin Racing team.

Guests can also experience the sights and sounds of the Singapore Grand Prix with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team or head to Goodwood in the south of England for either the Festival of Speed in July or step back in time for the Revival in September, with special access to a bespoke programme organised by Aston Martin.

Those who prefer to be in the driving seat also have the opportunity to drive an Aston Martin through the breath-taking Swiss Alps or hit the highway for a road trip in Utah, USA.

Sebastien Delmaire, Director of AM Partnerships said: “Art of Living by Aston Martin offers guests something different, something they cannot get elsewhere. A mindfully curated collection of events provides guests with the opportunity to truly live life the Aston Martin way and become fully immersed in the brand.

“On every adventure, they will meet like-minded people with whom they can share these wonderful experiences. Every detail will be managed to ensure an experience of a lifetime, every time.”

Furthermore, a new partnership between Aston Martin and Waldorf Astoria Hotels allows guests to indulge in the true luxury lifestyle of both brands while staying in luxury accommodation provided by Waldorf Astoria.

Art of Living by Aston Martin also offers an insight into the world of Aston Martin with behind-the-scenes tours of sites across the UK, from the heritage tour at Aston Martin Works to the world of manufacturing at Gaydon.

By Paul Joseph