Aston Martin Powerboat Showcased at Milan Design Week

By Paul Joseph

Iconic British carmaker Aston Martin showcased its first ever yacht creation at the recent Milan Design Week in Italy.

The result of a collaboration with two Dutch yacht companies - Quintessence Yachts and naval architects Mulder Design - the yacht is the fruition of years of research and development.

Called AM37, the vessel has been described as the yachting equivalent of a convertible car, featuring a sliding deck made of carbon fibre panels that cover the cockpit at the click of a remote control button. The rear deck also retracts to accommodate a sunshade that covers the passenger area.

The boat will be available in a number of engine options with the AM37 S being the most powerful, offering two 520 horsepower engines that can take the boat to 52 knots. There’s also a lighter version housing two 370 horsepower engines.

Marek Reichman, CCO of Aston Martin, said: “It is true that a beautiful, simple shape is critical to a product’s success but it must also have drama, which is provided by surface language, proportions, and through the choice of exciting materials.”

“The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the language of design and we have transferred this language into AM37. The new powerboat represents the ideal combination of luxurious and technical materials, generating a powerful yet understated finished product.”

Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in London in 1913, Aston Martin has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned luxury sports car brands.

Milan Design Week took place between 12th and 17th April.

By Paul Joseph