Audi AI:ME Concept Car is a Self-Learning AI Machine

By Paul Joseph

German luxury carmaker Audi has revealed its latest concept study billed as demonstrating the brand’s vision for the future of urban mobility.

Called the AI:ME, the concept car was showcased at the recent Shanghai Motor Show and follows on from the AIcon concept that Audi displayed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

As the name suggests, the Audi AI:ME uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable autonomous driving capability.

According to Audi, the futuristic concept is capable of Level-4 autonomous driving, which needs very little input from the driver.

Designed for the megacities of the future, the AI:ME maximises the space inside the cabin while keeping the layout completely customisable.

While the front seats are inspired by the living room lounge chairs for comfort, the rear space can be used for storage or as seating for two extra passengers.

The car also boasts a range of smart features such as eye-tracking and gesture controls, while a multifunctional, three-dimensional OLED monitor is placed below the windscreen and acts as a medium to communicate with the driver.

For in-car entertainment, the Audi AI:ME uses VR goggles, and the cabin also comes with real plants, as well as a noise compensation system.

“We designed the AI:ME entirely from a user experience standpoint,” says James Nissen, interior architect designer at Audi.

“We put ourselves in the position of the person who wants to drive from point A to point B in the city with the AI:ME - and to escape from the noise and hectic of the big city during the drive. That’s why our design process was primarily focused on the interior of the AI:ME.”

The Audi AI:ME is fully electric, although Audi has not confirmed details about the battery pack or the motors powering the car.

The AI:ME is the third concept car to join the marque’s special series, joining the AIcon and PB 18. The fourth and final model of the series will be revealed at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September, where all the four concept cars will be on display together.

By Paul Joseph