Aznom Wine Chiller - A Party Essential

By B. Roberts

For those who like to entertain, be it cruising around the Mediterranean or in a luxury apartment, wine or champagne are essential. Now the perfect party accompaniment has been discovered.

Nothing goes down better when entertaining than a chilled glass of wine or champagne to aid conversation, however, waiting for a bottle to chill can be an issue. With the introduction of the new Aznom Chiller you’ll never be without a chilled bottle again.

The makers of high quality cars, motorbikes and personal luxury items have released the sleek and modern black container which looks like a contemporary table. However, it holds the ability to chill two bottles at the same time in a savvy 6-7 minutes. Two bottles can be chilled, one of 750ml and another of 1500ml, perfect for the champagne at the opening of the evening and the following wine with dinner.

The Aznom Chiller can be customised in colour and material to fit in with the design of your apartment or interior of your yacht, doubling as a table with a sliding lid.

By B. Roberts