Baccarat on the New Trend of Curating Crystal in China

By Ben Roberts

The Baccarat crystal craftsmen are a world renowned brand providing extravagant glassware and jewellery around the world. In Asia, however, the draw of Baccarat is new and fresh. We speak to Cindy Tai to find out why China is an exciting new market for the glass masters.

“Baccarat entered China over 10 years ago but only recently has Baccarat been recognized. I think this has something to do with people’s mature, sophisticated taste. It’s about quality of course.”

Today, with over 250 years experience in crafting the world’s most creative crystal, Baccarat is growing in popularity across Asia thanks to the rise of luxury property demand

“Property is becoming really expensive in the first tier cities so many consumers start to realize the need quality and heritage products and brands to make a statement as an owner of these properties. So Baccarat is becoming a favorite Chinese brand and I’m very happy to see this phenomenon coming off.

History and Baccarat becoming a 250 years brand, it has a lot of heritage and stories and these are amazing because the skills of the artisans and how they make their products - it takes hours and hours of hard work and high skilled workers to make their products and all of this has a really strong impact on the Chinese consumers.”

Watch the full video above for a closer look into the classic heritage brands emergence in China, and the factors behind the new search for extreme quality.

By Ben Roberts