Backes & Strauss Create 2013 Only Watch Timepiece

By Paul Joseph

Luxury London-based diamond maker Backes and Strauss have unveiled their lavish contribution to the prestigious Only Watch auction in Monaco in September.

Inspired by a 19th century brooch from the Backes and Strauss archives, the Victoria Princess Red Heart timepiece features two interlocking diamond and ruby-encrusted hearts positioned around the edge of the watch case and along its strap.

Vartkees Knadjian CEO of Backes & Strauss, said: “We are delighted and honoured to have been selected as one of the 40 exclusive brands participating in the Only Watch auction 2013, it is very important for us to give back to the local community.”

The Victoria Princess Red Heart timepiece will be joined at the One Watch auction by one-off creations by renowned brands such as lancpain, Chanel, Chopard, Richard Mille and Zenith.

The auction is held every year to benefit the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy, which helps finance research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease.

From September 6th, an international exhibit of Only Watch auction pieces will embark on a global tour, stopping off in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Geneva and Monaco, where the auction will be held during the Monaco Yacht Show on September 28th.

Founded by German immigrant businessmen Georg Carl Backes and Max Strauss, Backes & Strauss is the oldest diamond maker in the world.

By Paul Joseph