Bahamas Ministry of Tourism on a Plurality of Cultures

By Paul Joseph

Far more than just a sun and surf destination, the islands of the Bahamas are a cultural goldmine, boasting eye-catching colonial architecture and an intriguing history that has seen it emerge as one of the world’s iconic locations.

We sat down with Anthony Stuart, Director of Europe, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, to learn more about what makes these idyllic islands so magical.

“The unique thing about the Bahamas, we’re a country of 700 islands, it’s an archipelago that stretches basically off the coast of Florida to the coast of Cuba,” he said. “Each of our islands really has a personality of themselves. It’s a different, unique experience you will find on each of the islands.

“We are a country that has many cultures, many traditions. So if you’re in the Abacos, one of the things you’ll find is it’s a yachtsman’s paradise, but while you’re there you might be settled in Marsh Harbour which is the capital of Abaco but then you’ve got Hope Town, New Plymouth, Green Turtle and Iguana Cay. So you’ve got a whole different experience and each of those experiences are different in the Abacos alone.”

“Then there’s the Exumas, which are actually 365 cays and those are a dream for yachtsmen to sail through because each one of those cays gives you a different feeling. You go to George Town which is the main settlement in the Exumas and that’s a whole approach where it’s is very community oriented and very family oriented.

“Or you may stop at one of the smaller cays like Staniel Cay or Compass Cay where you can go in the water with the sharks and pet them. Or if you go to Big Major Cay, where the pigs have taken on a life of their own!”

You can watch the full video interview with Anthony Stuart above this article.

By Paul Joseph