Baldi-Harrdos Unique Rock Crystal Bathtub

By B. Roberts

Carved from a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazon, this luxurious three-person bathtub is the new extravagant addition to Harrods glittering catalogue.

Created by Italian luxury company Baldi, renowned for their precious high-end furnishings, the “Rock Crystal Bathtub” comes from a rock crystal 2.5m in diameter and took 6 months to carve.

This particular bathtub, made especially for Harrods, is the second tub to be carved from the giant rock found in the Amazon.

The original piece was bought by a Russian magnate for $858,763, with her new sister-tub now on the market for £534,932. Each bath tub is sculpted to be unique, with the new tub left rough in parts to resemble the natural source of the giant and stunning rock crystal.

Baldi have also created an accompanying rock crystal basin to complement the new rock crystal carving, alongside an enchanting malachite bathtub, stood proudly on 24-carat gold feet for $222,000

Baldi-Harrods have produced some of the finest luxury goods, with the Rock Crystal Bathtub standing as an extravagant and truly unique addition for any residence. The exquisite crystal bath will now be featuring in Harrods, Knightsbridge until the end of July.

By B. Roberts