Balluga Smart Interactive Bed “The Future of Sleep”

By Paul Joseph

They say that the best ideas either happen in the shower or in bed, but one innovative designer has given this theory a twist by dreaming up the idea of a ‘smart’ bed that can change both its temperature and firmness.

Set to be revealed at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, UK next week, the Balluga Smart Interactive bed is the brainchild of product innovator Joe Katan and is promising to “redefine our sleep experience”.

The bed combines modern materials and advanced technology to incorporate built in climate control and vibro-massage systems along with other interactive features including monitoring the security of your house, syncing your iTunes, providing ambient lighting and even offering a docking station for your e-reader.

Moreover, you can programme it to ensure you wake up with an idyllic setting of your choice projected onto your wall, or the contents of your e-book onto the ceiling.

The adjustable firmness control works to provide optimum support and comfort, with layers of hygienic air-filled cells designed to mould perfectly to the shape of your body. The air-filled cells are easily cleaned ensuring there is no chance of termites or other unhygienic events associated with traditional beds.

Designer Joe Katan said: “A key factor of the Balluga Sleep System is that it is all controlled via an app so when you travel you are able to take your preferred settings to anywhere that has the Balluga system – in essence taking your bed everywhere you go.”

The bed allows you to have different settings from your partner enabling each of you to enjoy your preferred firmness, temperature and multimedia. It also knows when you are asleep so will automatically switch off your e-reader or iPad.

Pre-orders for the Balluga Smart Interactive bed are scheduled from November 2014, with delivery in the first quarter of 2015. Prices will start from £999.

Luxury launches website has been selected to offer the bed for sale from November 2014.

By Paul Joseph