Bambuddha: A Taste of the East in the Heart of Ibiza

By Paul Joseph

Nestled in the very centre of Ibiza, surrounded by beautiful natural landscape, Bambuddha has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the island’s hottest gastronomic nightspots.

With its Eastern themed décor and menu, the restaurant offers a unique and exotic dining experience in the heart of Mediterranean.

We caught up with Jonjon Moon, general manager of Bambuddha, to learn more about one of Ibiza’s hottest hangouts. Yacht owners always need a good reason to get off their boat – why should they visit Bambuddha?
John Moon: It’s unique, from the authentic Eastern décor, to the towering bamboo, to the unique fusion cuisine, to the atmosphere, to the lighting. There isn’t another place on the island like it; probably not in the world

SY: What are some of the menu specialities?
JM: We have our classics such as our Thai curries and the Crispy Duck, however, since our new chef has arrived we’ve been creating some very exciting dishes. Last year, amongst others, we introduced the 5-spice Lobster and Vietnamese Crunchy Fried Chicken, two of my favourites.

This winter Alex [Bambuddha's head chef] has come up with some ingenious new dishes, such as: Catch of the Day Ceviche, Ibizan Red Shrimp Flambéed in Sake, Gyozas filled with Iberican Pork, Scallops & secrets. Furthermore, this year we are making a big effort to replace all produce with free ranged and organic produce.

SY: What music can people expect to hear?
JM: The music progresses throughout the night, starting with chants from the Dalai Lama to DJ James Kameran, founder of Rogue Recordings

SY: For those who aren’t familiar with Ibiza, on which part of the island are you located?
JM: Pretty much smack bang in the centre of the island, on the road to San Joan at the 8.5 km marker. It’s a 10 minute drive when going from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia.

SY: What makes Ibiza such a special place?
JM: Location - It’s the most western island of the Mediterranean, making it an easy place to get to.
Music – You have some of the best clubs in the world, with the best DJs.
Nature - But it’s not all about the clubbing scene, the island has a real beauty too it: amazing beaches, beautiful hills and amazing fruit trees which, at the right time in the season, blossom beautifully. 
Sports – All this nature also makes it an ideal place to do hikes, cycling & snorkelling. There is also a big yoga and workout scene all across the island which often happens on the beaches.

SY: Do you hold any special/VIP events at Bambuddha?
JM: We have just started a Friday night called Bamboozled.

SY: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
JM: Bambuddha has always been pioneering and unorthodox. Our newest venture for our sweet sixteen is replacing the formal, old fashioned European method of dining – ‘starters & mains’, with an Asian style, where the food comes as its ready and is based on sharing, allowing you to taste a larger variety of our exquisite, fusion cuisine.

We hope you enjoy this ancient dining experience, modernised and fashionable.

By Paul Joseph