Bang & Olufsen Launch Luxury Wall-Set Speakers

By Paul Joseph

High-end Danish audio experts Bang & Olufsen have designed a new range of luxury speakers that can be set into walls and ceilings.

The BeoLab15 and BeoLab16 built-in sound system was unveiled at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which opened on Tuesday.

The integrated speaker solution is comprised of two-way active speakers (BeoLab 15), an active subwoofer (BeoLab 16) and a rack-ready amplifier (Amplifier 1)-all created specifically for in-wall or in-ceiling placement.

The speakers can even be hidden entirely inside your walls and jut out only to direct sound to a specific area by tilting.

A temperature-controlled fan keeps the electronics cool, whilst the speakers and subwoofer have been designed applying the Acoustic Balance Principal ensuring that they do not produce unwanted vibrations.

The BeoLab15 and BeoLab16 speakers are available at selected Bang & Olufsen stores from this month, priced at $4,595.

By Paul Joseph