Bang & Olufsen X Saint Laurent

By Christina Tsangaris

The news that Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a new collaboration with leading fashion house, Saint Laurent has taken the luxury industry by storm. Beosound Edge is a compact and powerful wireless speaker which offers timeless design, cutting edge acoustic innovation and unparalleled interaction for a listening experience that inspires the imagination so it seems perfect they would collaborate with the fashion powerhouse on a partnership that sounds as good as it is.

Beosound Edge resembles a contemporary art piece with a minimal design and perfectly circular aluminum frame exterior. The home speaker is calibrated to detect the force of your touch when adjusting the volume as you roll the speaker back and forth. As you approach Beosound Edge, it comes to life, lighting up the interface thanks to proximity sensors. The touch sensitive aluminium surface allows you to start, stop and change tracks with a simple tap.

This speaker offers three directional sound settings for different listening experiences, including the True360 omnidirectional mode which will fill the entire room with sound. The innovative Active Bass Port design allows Beosound Edge to deliver an outstandingly potent bass. This limited edition speaker is customized in a marble print with a matt black aluminium finish.

This limited edition version is customized in a marble print with a matt black aluminium finish. Its sleek design and contemporary style offers a luxe-feel that is unrivalled for a partnership of this kind, with a superb finish and stylish edge. 

The Limited Edition Bang & Olufsen x Saint Laurent Beosound Edge will be available to purchase in the Rive Droite stores in Los Angeles and Paris as well as online at Saint Laurent. 

By Christina Tsangaris