Banyan Tree Sanya on China’s Tourism Market

By Paul Joseph

With 11 hotels already up and running in China and another 22 in the pipeline, the Banyan Tree Group could not be making its intentions any more clear.

The international hospitality brand, which manages and develops resorts, hotels and spas in Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East, is hoping to capitalise on China’s burgeoning tourism market in a big way over the coming years.

We sat down with Gerry Lin, hotel manager of Banyan Tree Sanya, at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous, to hear more about the group’s ambitious plans.

“Now the guests have more experience to different brands, different locations, different parts of the world,” he explained, “so the Chinese tourists actually coming back to China, the expectations of them are actually higher. So luxury for us at the Bayan Tree hotel is more towards the luxury lifestyle that we’re providing to those customers who have a rich experience in terms of luxury lifestyle expectations towards the hotel industry.

“The whole thing actually started with the Banyan Tree opening stories, because the Banyan Tree Group started with an abandoned tin mining site in Phuket in Thailand where we transformed the site into a leading integrated resort destination in Asia, and that was marked the beginning of the whole Banyan Tree brand.

“In 1994 we had the very first Banyan Tree hotel resort opened in Phuket and that was based with a business philosophy of providing a sanctuary for the senses which we provide the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

“So that gives us in the beginning three main brand pillars, which are sanctuary, romance and also locally infused, which is very important to the brand.”

You can watch the full video interview with Gerry Lin above this article.

By Paul Joseph