Bee & Kin Unveil Tech-Smart Designer Handbag

By Paul Joseph

It was only a matter of time before the smart-tech revolution resulted in a smart handbag – and now that time has arrived thanks to American apparel company Bee & King has.

The brand has created a range of vividly coloured bags featuring quirky shapes, leather handles, and innovative technology.

Curated from the finest materials, each handbag in the collection houses Bluetooth technology, enabling you to go hands-free.

With the bag you can remotely control your apps and devices with the simple push of a button. Lights have also been fitted on the delicate interiors of the bags, allowing a clear view of your personal possessions.

And that’s not all. Bee & Kin have not merely focussed on entertainment and practicality, but also taken safety into account security, offering the ability to share your live location with others.

Pricing for the new collection starts at $100 and rises up to $725 for the most expensive bag in the range.

By Paul Joseph