Bentley Golf Clubs Offer a New Kind of ‘Drive’

By Paul Joseph

Bentley have earned a reputation for diversifying away from cars into other luxury products in recent years – and now they have done so again with the creation of a set of lavish golf clubs.

The one-piece forged irons were designed in collaboration with Professional Golf Europe and a set of eight comes with a price tag of $3,500. The driver costs $750 while the flat stick comes in at $500.

Bentley have also created a number of customisation options, including alligator skin grips and $800 ball markers.

They are also offering custom shafts from Japanese-based Seven Dreamers, who specialise in high-end materials for golf shafts. The most expensive shafts are made from materials found in satellites and come with a price tag of around $120,000

“Unlike a typical club-fitting, where the golfer’s swing is matched to an existing shaft on the market, Seven Dreamers make custom shafts for you based on the data captured,” said Peter Lord of Professional Golf Europe to Forbes.

Late last year, Bentley confirmed it would be furnishing an entire range of villas in Dubai in the middle east.

Founded by W. O. Bentley in 1919, Bentley Motors has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic luxury car makers.

By Paul Joseph