Berkeley River Holiday Property Opens on Australia’s Kimberley Coast

By Paul Joseph

The Berkeley River, a luxury holiday property located on a remote part of Western Australia’s Kimberley Coast, has opened to the public.

The opening follows more than two years of intensive planning and development and is being billed as one of the most significant tourism developments in the region for two decades.

Situated approximately 170km north-west of the small Kimberley town of Wyndham, The Berkeley River can only be accessed via seaplane or private vessel. The property features twenty dune top suites all boasting unique outdoor bathrooms and stunning views.

The developers say they are reluctant to call The Berkeley River a resort, having built the property with careful consideration for the surrounding environment. They say that the result has been achieved with neglible interference to the area.

Co-owner and developer of the property, Kim Peirson-Jones, said: “We want our guests to enjoy the wildness and beauty of the area in total comfort and with as much luxury as we can offer.

“We have designed packages so that guests can enjoy as little or as much activity as they like. The provision of a cruise boat and helicopter really makes it a world class experience in a little known part of the world.”

Prices at The Berkeley River begin at $2,500 (£1,600)Australian Dollars for two nights for people.

By Paul Joseph