Bespoke Global Opens First Retail Concept

By Paul Joseph

Custom home furnishings company Bespoke Global has announced the opening of its first interactive retail concept.

Just a year after being founded, the high-end company have created the retail outlet to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and best-in-class bespoke home furnishings sourced from around the world.

The store features products from an international roster of 23 premier bespoke artists such as Michael Coffey, Farrago Design, Maki Yamamoto, Paul Kelley, Andrew Dewitt, Martha Glover, Kiln Design Studio, and Gregg Hessel among others, as well as the brand's exclusive collection Be:Sotted.

Additionally, Bespoke Global will launch its unique Bespoke Home Fragrance Service in June and a Bespoke Sporting Collection in July.

Store prices start at $50 for a bespoke porcelain cupcake stand by Martha Grover, and go up to $42,000 for a brass and stainless steel dresser by Paul Kelley. All products are fully customizable or available for retail sale.

By Paul Joseph