Bissol Creates Clock Base for iPhone 5

By Paul Joseph

Technology company Bissol have created a new device featuring a clock that can be attached to the base of an iPhone 5.

The device attaches to the base of an iPhone, enabling the user to see the time without having to turn on their phone or press the ‘home’ button, thus saving on battery power and adding a distinctive look to your phone.

Featuring 5 jewels, the timepiece boasts a Calibre 788 gold-plated quartz moon phase movement that comes enclosed in an anodized aluminium case with a painted sapphire crystal.

In order to blend in harmoniously with the iPhone, the device has the same rounded corners seen on the smartphone as well as the black or white coloured finish to precisely match Apple’s design.

The price of the innovative new timepiece device by Bissol is yet to be announced.

Launched last year, the iPhone 5 t is the sixth generation of the iPhone by American technology giants Apple.

By Paul Joseph