Black Tomato Launches High-End Travel Competition

By Paul Joseph

Black Tomato, experts in high-end bespoke travel, has launched an innovative new competition for curious travellers keen to venture around the world.

Called ‘Every Cloud - in search of silver linings’, the competition was inspired by the belief that travel can change not only an individual’s perspective but their entire lives too.

The winner of the competition will, over the course of one year, uncover communities, experiences and places that lift spirits, and report back so they can be shared with the world.

For the competition Black Tomato has handcrafted six all expenses paid, tailored journeys in 2020 for one individual who will embark on the ultimate journey of self-discovery, spanning many continents and time zones to explore a diversity of landscapes from bustling cities to remote mountain communities.

During the trip they’ll take notes, film and share these experiences in real-time and Black Tomato will then release these stories across  their social media channels and platforms throughout the year.

The winner will be selected after a two-stage proces, the first from 24 October to 24 November, when applicants will be asked to publish a story with their own image or video on Instagram or via Black Tomato’s microsite, talking about an experience they had that brought them happiness.

The second stage will take place from 9 -22 December, when a shortlist of 10 finalists will have to submit a short video capturing interesting moments and a coherent story of ‘a day in the life of’. The final winner will be announced on 16 January 2020.

Founded in 2003, Black Tomato is a leading luxury travel company providing innovative and inspiring experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups.

By Paul Joseph