Blancpain Unveil £1.4 Million Tourbillon Diamonds

By Paul Joseph

Swiss luxury watch brand Blancpain has created an innovative new timepiece featuring an exclusive Blancpain “baguette” setting and priced at an eye-popping £1.4 million.

Billed as being to jewellery what the tourbillon is to watchmaking, the Baguette setting for the Blancpain Calibre 25A timepiece was created using a gem-setting technique borrowed from the very finest in haute jewellery craftsmanship.

Featuring a 40 mm-diameter white gold case and 480 diamonds totalling 58 carats, the model has been treated to cutting-edge techniques used to clothe it in the glory of a full-set dial, bezel, case middle, lugs and bracelet, creating a truly striking visual effect.

The unstructured setting of the baguette-cut diamonds is incredibly complex in terms of both the arrangement and the specific size of each stone. The classic round shape of the watch increases the difficulty, since each diamond is precisely adjusted to fit smoothly within the whole.

Furthermore, the variable dimensions and positioning of the dial enhance the splendour of the multiple facets with their luminous sparkling reflections.

Other notable features include a self-winding tourbillon movement with a 7-day power reserve and water-resistance to 100 metres.

Blancpain was founded by Jehan-Jaques Blancpain in Switzerland in 1735.

By Paul Joseph