BMW Creates Concept E-Scooter

By Paul Joseph

BMW has unveiled an all-electric scooter concept designed to tackle the increasing problem of reduced space in major urban centres.

Showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the two-passenger BMW Motottad Concept E is billed as delivering performance on a par with standard 400-500cc commuter motorcycles whilst remaining emissions-free.

Boasting a 60-mile range, the scooter can be fully recharged in just three hours from a regular household outlet, negating the need for a special charging station.

Design wise, BMW have pushed the boundaries of innovation with unique aerodynamic styling, including neon green panels. Instead of traditional rear-view mirrors, the scooter has twin rear-facing video cameras that project images to LCD monitors in the cockpit.

As well as feeding live surrounding traffic information to the driver, the LCD monitors also deliver battery status, range and other essential vehicle information. Other notable features of the scooter include a futuristic-looking battery-cooling fan.

Two new BMW scooters are set to go into production next year, with industry commentators speculating that their styling may be heavily based on the Motottad Concept E model.

By Paul Joseph