BMW Reveals New X6 Model

By Paul Joseph

German luxury car makers BMW have revealed details of their new X6 sports SUV, which is set to arrive at dealerships by the end of the year.

Seven years after BMW introduced the X6 for the first time, the latest incarnation is based on the refreshed BMW X5, featuring the same 2933mm wheelbase but 60mm lower and 23mm longer.

Other notable features include stretched headlights that flow directly in to the car’s double kidney grille and air curtains on either side of the front bumper which work along with new air breathers in the side panels to reduce drag.

The world renowned manufacturer will also offer a ‘Design Pure Extravagance’ option for both exterior and interior of the X6, which gives buyers the chance to add a range of components including stainless steel underbody guards, bespoke 20-inch alloys and a key featuring chrome buttons for the car’s interior.

Despite industry expectations to the contrary, the original BMW X6 has sold more than a quarter of a million units to date.

BMW was founded in Germany in 1917.

By Paul Joseph