BMW to Supply 4,000 Vehicles for Olympic VIPs

By Paul Joseph

German luxury car-maker BMW, one of the main sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, is to ship thousands of vehicles to the UK capital to be used by dignitaries and VIPs during the global sporting event.

BMW, which has been chosen by the London Organising Committee to supply VIP transportation, will ship some 4,000 vehicles to London, primarily 3-Series and 5-Series sedans, in support of the games.

The cars will be permitted to beat the traffic by using 30 miles of specially reserved, VIP-only lanes across the capital.

All of the cars supplied by BMW will meet the standard of greenhouse gas emission (120 g/km of CO2) set by the London Organising Committee, whilst 200 of the vehicles will be electric.

The vehicles will be shipped into Britain from BMW’s factories over the next six months.

By Paul Joseph