BMW Unveil Self-Driving Car at CES

By Paul Joseph

The arrival of self-driving cars on our roads may still be some time away, but the technology behind them is moving at rapid speed.

Last week the German luxury car brand BMW used the high profile Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas to unveil their innovative self-driving concept car, the BMW M235i coupe, which can brake, steer and accelerate without driver intervention.

Visitor to the event were treated to a live presentation of the prototype cars, and their ability to drift round corners and pilot through cones at high speed thanks to their high-tech cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors and GPS systems.

A BMW spokesperson said: "The prototype illustrates the BMW Group’s aspiration to offer its customers a highly automated driving experience exuding emotional appeal – even at the car’s dynamic limit."

The self-driving prototype has already racked up about 9,000 miles of real-world driving time, including on Germany’s autobahn at up to 80 miles per hour, surrounded by other cars.

Technology giants Google are currently working on the Google driverless car project that involves developing technology for autonomous cars.

By Paul Joseph