BMW Unveils Luxury Electric Scooters

By Paul Joseph

German luxury carmaker BMW is diversifying into the world of electric mobility with the creation of a range of luxury E-Scooters.

Designed in cooperation with German scooter maker Micro, the flagship BMW E-Scooter is powered by a tiny 150-watt electric motor and feature a lithium-ion battery pack. It is priced at $890.

BMW claims that the E-Scooter has a cruising range of 7.5 miles and a top speed of 12mph, and has a charge time of just two hours.

The other models in the range are the City Scooter, which uses manpower to run and is priced at around $224, while there’s also a three-wheeled version designed for children aged between 3 and 12 called Kids Scooter, which is priced at $134.

All of the three BMW E-Scooters will be available for purchase at selected BMW dealers in Europe from September 2019.

BMW was founded in Germany in 1916 and has grown to become one of the most prestigious car brands in the world. The company celebrated its 100-year anniversary three years ago.

By Paul Joseph