Boeing Business Jet Equipped with “Mini-Hotel”

By Paul Joseph

The aviation industry is always seeking to find new ways of making flying an enjoyable rather than arduous experience, with sleeping conditions featuring high in the priorities of most long-haul passengers.

Greenpoint Technologies, Inc. have responded to the challenge by creating a "mini-hotel" that has been fitted on board one of aviation giant Boeing's business jets, featuring eight sleeping cabins complete with fully flat beds and custom designed interior furnishings.

The Boeing Business Jet 747-8 was designed to a bespoke order by an individual client and has been fitted out with Aeroloft®, providing a VIP sanctuary for individual passengers to escape the noise and activity of the airplane’s main deck.

Located above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail of the airplane, this optional extra Aeroloft® installed with custom designed interior furnishings and a forward entry staircase provides 393 square feet of additional cabin space.

Boeing says it is set to deliver two more Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8 to its clients.

By Paul Joseph