Bollinger Mark 40-Year Bond Partnership with Moonraker-Inspired Champagne

By Paul Joseph

Aston Martin, Vodka Martinis, and Bollinger – three luxurious items that are indelibly linked with the James Bond franchise.

Bollinger, the French champagne brand, first appeared in the 1979 Bond movie ‘Moonraker’, and to mark the 40th anniversary of that occasion Bollinger have created a special edition bottle inspired by the iconic film.

Called the ‘Moonraker 2007 magnum’ and limited to just 407 copies, the special edition bottle pays tribute to the movie, which took Bond on a rather unusual mission into outer space.

The bottle comes inside an exclusive decanter crafted from pewter and wood veneer and designed by Eric Berthes.

Styled after the iconic Moonraker space shuttle, the special edition box includes a magnum of Bollinger 2007 along with a Saint Louis crystal ice bucket.

Speaking about the milestone, Etienne Bizot, CEO of Bollinger, said: “It brings me an immense amount of pride to be celebrating 40 years of partnership between Bollinger and James Bond, it is a testament to the friendship started in 1979, between my father Christian Bizot and James Bond producer Cubby Broccoli.

“A friendship based on our shared values such as excellence and elegance.”

Each box is individually numbered and is priced at £4,500. It will be unveiled officially in Paris in early November.

By Paul Joseph