Bottega Discuss Educating Chinese Wine Lovers

By Paul Joseph

The challenges of bringing brands to new markets is never more acute than when the brand in question is wine.

Not only do you have the various logistics to deal with but also the fact that you often require an entire nation’s wine drinkers to adjust its palette to appreciate and understand your product.

We caught up with Renza Lorenzet, Area Manager Asia at Italian wine makers Bottega, at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous to learn more about these very challenges and we began asking her about the company’s rich heritage and history of Bottega

“Bottega is a company that was actually born in in the 70s. It was a family company and it’s still like this now. They produce about 11 million bottles of sparkling wine, grappa and liquor – a typical production for Italy. And they produce limoncello and now still wines. The still wine for Bottega is boutique wines, we don’t go for mass production, we go for quality and we care a lot about the presentation and the packaging – this is important

“The demand [in China] is growing. Our challenge is to be explain to Chinese people what is prosecco, what is Italian sparkling wine, compared to champagne. Because, we have to be frank, champagne and the French they have done a great job, I have to congratulate them for the marketing they have done.

"And now when you talk about sparking they always say champagne, so our challenge is to explain there’s a different style. The Italian sparkling is a completely different style to the champagne – it’s a different taste, it’s a different way to drink.

“It takes time. It’s not difficult, especially if you talk the language, because the Chinese like to learn a lot, so if you teach them they will learn.”

You can watch the full video interview with Renza Lorenzet above this article.

By Paul Joseph