Box Lounger and Sofa Offers Privacy from a Noisy World

By P. Joseph

Finnish design company Loook Industries have created a Box Sofa and Lounger designed as a solution to the growing need for privacy in open spaces.

Created by Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen, the unique pieces were debuted during the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.

Designed to be placed in a home as a room divider, or in a public space such as an office or library, the sofa and lounger are made with soft sound-absorbing material on the inside, making it the ideal way to escape from external noise.

The designers believe the increased popularity of open plan offices has meant that many employees lack privacy in their working environment, with nowhere to go to make a phone call or get on with their work in peace.

For an alternative and creative use, the sofas can also be joined together to form what the designers describe as a “room within a room”.

Based in the Finnish city of Turku, Loook Industries was formed in 2009.

By P. Joseph