Braesen to Debut at London Jewellery Show

By Paul Joseph

Braesen, a new fine jewellery brand, made its debut at the 2014 edition of the International Jewellery in London last week.

The brand, which creates 18-karat gold jewellery set with fine gemstones and diamonds, is billed as focusing on "the modern, elegant, sophisticated and glamorous woman”.

Vinay Soudakar, head of marketing at Braesen, said: “The UK luxury market is one of the largest in Europe, but unlike other European countries, luxury expenditure figures in the UK incline more towards clothing and accessory expenditure, such as branded bags, shoes, and belts than towards jewellery expenditure.

“In fact 70 per cent of the luxury expenditure is in branded clothing and accessories, whereas in other European countries, this ratio is inverse.”

He continued: “While some claim that the underlying reason is cultural, in fact, it is because of the structure of the jewellery sector.

“Unlike other products, luxury goods are not demand-led products, the need for these goods is created. Where most of the industry focuses on bridal and diamond jewellery, fine designer jewellery has been neglected.

“A woman may have multiple designer bags and shoes, but she most probably would not invest in multiple solitaires and would be in the search for other original items.

"The competition today is not between one jewellery brand and another; it is between the jewellery industry and the rest of the luxury sector.”

International Jewellery London took place from August 31 – September 2.

By Paul Joseph