Breathing New Life: The “Hadid Wine” Label

By Christina Tsangaris

Breathing new life into a well-established industry, particularly as steeped in tradition as the wine sector, is no easy task. It takes a certain je ne sais quoi, daring attitude, and revolutionary approach. An acclaimed name in the wine world, Flavien Darius Pommier, has done just that. He joins us to discuss his latest business partnership with Mohamed Hadid and the process of creating the “Hadid Wine” label.

The esteemed wine genius Flavien Darius Pommier may only be 26-years old, however, he has been intrinsically connected to great wine for centuries. The vineyard Château Darius, located in the legendary Saint-Emilion appellation was Founded in 1990 by the Pommier family, who’s history of winemaking reaches back as early as 1879.  However, with Flavien Darius Pommier taking over the Bordeaux vineyard 4 years ago, he has taken on quite the role; to create a unique wine label alongside the iconic Mohamed Hadid.

Guided by a fiercely entrepreneurial spirit, and a keen focus on branding, Flavien Darius' approach to the label is a testament to both the lineage of his family’s legacy, as well as his age. The result? A cosmopolitan wine label inspired only by the greatest of influencers. “When we started developing the brand and the image, we started working on social networks such as Instagram, to do special vintage labels.” Shared Flavien Darius. “We received some support from different people, for example French President Macron and his wife.”

While a wine tasting at the presidential palace set the bar high, those who followed in their involvement were equally as impressive. Flavien Darius had received branding input on the label’s growth and development from former LVMH Watches Chairman Jean Claude Biver, known for revolutionising brands historically across the luxury LVMH portfolio.

However the most impressive part is the wine-maker extraordinaire’s charisma and commitment. Flavien Darius brings a fresh perspective to an industry anchored by the past; embracing the ”savoir faire" of the older generation, while also exploring the new and up-and-coming desires of tomorrow’s consumers. 

“It’s very important to mix the very best of the old generation and the new” explained Flavien Darius. “What I was trying to do is keep the traditional knowledge to make the wine and the vineyard, but at the same time to have an online presence that we didn’t have enough of.”

As for the process itself, quality is still imperative. “It means we only get the best grapes for the best wine” sharesFlavien Darius. “So we are very specific about that from the harvest supplier.” 

Available in luxury cellars and served in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels of the world, Flavien Darius's role is beyond ‘staying on top’. The entrepreneur consistently looks at new and exciting ways of future-proofing the label, both within its current community of vino-lovers, as well as the untapped opportunity elsewhere.

Topics such as sustainability in winemaking remain an example of this. Understood as a core value amongst a new generation of wine lovers, it is proof the brand has truly thought of its consumers.  While the ability to create a product with respect for the environment and in harmony with nature has always been part of the family’s philosophy, it also confirms Flavien Darius' millennial approach and cultural know-how; a testament to the social-media community Flavien Darius has since built. 

So, how will the “Hadid Wine” label develop, and what is the vision for the future?

“I have been asked many times for a special label, for concierge and private jets, private villas etcetera.”  Flavien Darius shares enthusiastically.  “Why not? While it has to be a strategic partnership, the aim is to have new people try my wine, this is what I care about most!”

Beyond simply being a ‘wine label of the future’, it is clear that “Hadid Wine” is also an example of pioneering new potential; merging creativity, community and history, with a relentless passion for innovation. 

By Christina Tsangaris