Breitling Watch by Roman Abramovich to go Under the Hammer

By Paul Joseph

A bespoke edition Breitling gentleman’s watch commissioned by Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich is to be sold at a UK auction in February, it has been announced.

Number 49 of 50 produced, the high-spec Breitling SuperOcean automatic 5000FT/1500M waterproof timepiece bears the name of the yacht Eclipse, one of Abramovich’s prestigious armada of vessels, on its dial.

It was chosen not just for its lavish materials and style, but also for its capacity to submerge to 50 metres, and the piece is also equipped with a high-tech missile detection system.

The auction is also set to feature two very highly Rolex Oyster quartz watches, created by Rolex to combat the Quartz crisis, which hit the Swiss watch industry in the 1970s due to new technology developed in Asia.

The watches took five years to develop (from 1972-1977) and the final result incorporated a sapphire crystal for the first time. The two Gentleman’s stainless steel and gold quartz bracelet calendar watches in the sale are both signed, with one holding an estimate of £2,800-£3,200 and the other expected to fetch £2,700-£3,000.

Also featuring in the sale will be a highly sought-after Omega ‘Dirty Dozen’ military issued stainless steel watch, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence and named after a group of 12 watches worn by British soldiers who fought in World War II.

All of the watches will go under the hammer at Chiswick Auctions on 12 February.

By Paul Joseph