Brikk Announces $70K Gold and Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 8

By Paul Joseph

IPhone customisation has been big business for many years now, and the recent launch of the eagerly awaited iPhone X has brought it with a whole new raft of bespoke options – some more lavish than others.

Perhaps the most opulent has been created by couture accessories designers Brikk, who have developed five collections all featuring the iPhone X.

Among them are models that come resplendent with 24-karat yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, but the stand-out collection is unquestionably the Lux Iphone X Ingot Collection.

With a starting price of $44,995 (and rising to $69,995 or the most expensive option) , the Ingot 108 model uses 108gms of 22-karat gold while the Ingot 250 uses a whopping 250gms of gold to cover the phone surface.

All of the designs in the Lux Iphone X Ingot Collection use the iPhone X with 256GB of storage and a 5.8 inch OLED screen.

Founded in 2008, Brikk designs and manufactures couture products and accessories for the technology, lifestyle, and fashion industries, often using rare materials and complex processes.

The company is located in Los Angeles.

By Paul Joseph