Buben&Zörweg Launches Bespoke High-Tech Cigar Closet

By P. Joseph

Swiss watch-maker and creator of unique pieces for the home, Buben&Zörweg, has created a bespoke cigar closet that utilises state-of-the-art humidification technology and is capable of holding up to 1,000 cigars.

The work of expert German craftsmanship, the Grand Connoisseur Cigar Humidor features integrated systems that ensure ideal conditions for cigar storage. Buben&Zörweg even claims that the closet accentuates the flavour derived from cigars.

Moisture controllers and a ventilator ensure the optimum ambiance, whilst precision electronics maintain the balance of the interior climate is kept with a 1-2% accuracy. The moisture level is maintained by four anti-septic sponges, while a ventilator maintains the airflow, which is recirculated every 10 minutes.

Available in walnut burl wood, Macassar or Ebony Argento, the humidor has been aesthetically designed to ensure it complements traditional furniture in the home. The interior is finished with high-quality velour and boasts infra red sensors and Power LED lighting with fading technologies.

The closet stands 5.6 feet tall and weighs approximately 100kg and is priced between €27,900 and €30,500.

Founded in 1995, Buben&Zörweg are renowned for exploring the limits of technology and craftsmanship to produce unique watches, safes, humidors and interior systems.

By P. Joseph