Bugatti Galibier set for production as a “Royale”

By P. Joseph

Luxury car maker Bugatti is set to begin work on a production version of its Galibier concept Sedan.

Released last year, the Bugatti Galibier 16C was billed as the most exclusive, elegant, and powerful four door automobile in the world. Now a derivative of the concept vehicle is expected to reach the market in 2013.

According to reports, the car is also likely to undergo a name change to “Royale” – in honour of the Bugatti Type 41, better known as the Royale, a large luxury car produced in 1927. Next year marks the 85th anniversary of the Royale label, which only ever produced 6 cars, due to weak demand.

The contemporary Galibier/Royale will boast an 8.0-liter turbocharged W-16 engine rated at 800-horsepower mated to a dual-clutch gearbox.

This week Bugatti announced that its final Bugatti Veyron 16.4 had been sold to a European customer after a production run of 300 models. The super sport version of the car is the world’s fastest convertible, able to reach 223 miles per hour with the top down.

By P. Joseph