Bugatti Opens New Paris Showroom

By Paul Joseph

Almost 100 years since Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti opened the French carmaker’s debut showroom in Paris, the brand has returned to its roots with a lavish new space in the City of Lights suburbs.

Situated at Neuilly-sur-Seine, just west of Paris, the new showroom is the first to feature the brand’s updated corporate design through its eye-catching interiors.

Designed and meticulously put together by hand, the venue features quintessentially white Bugatti lettering on the exterior, homely furniture on the inside, and a large state-of-the-art power wall for customers to choose their car’s configurations.

Currently, the space houses the Bugatti Chiron Sport1, which sits on display in full blue carbon. There’s also a lounge area and a scenic garden area inspired by the trees and fallow deer of Molsheim, where the Bugatti Atelier is located.

Speaking about the new showroom, Edouard Schumacher from Groupe Schumacher, a car dealer who partnered on the space, said, “We envisioned a place where, in absolute discretion and confidentiality, we would be able to welcome our clients and give them a tailored service. A place in Paris where time stops.”

Late last year, Bugatti teamed up with French fashion label Hermes to create a bespoke, special edition version of the Bugatti Chiron.

By Paul Joseph