Burberry Launches Travel Tailoring Collection

By Paul Joseph

British fashion house Burberry have launched a new Travel Tailoring Collection for the jet-setting gentleman.

The collection features suits made with lightweight fabrics and designed specifically to allow freedom of movement – ideal for someone spending much of their time in transit.

The flexibility of the garments is achieved through the use of a naturally supple 100% fine Merino wool cloth. Developed in the northern Italian town of Biella, famed for its long-standing tradition of producing luxurious fabrics, the yarn is woven on an oversized loom setting to produce an increased stretch.

The ‘spring-like’ structure of the fabric gives it an elasticity comparable to that of elastane, without the disadvantages of slackening around knees, elbows and other areas of strain that often occur in clothing made from this material.

Burberry’s newly developed wool cloth also reduces lines and creasing, making the garments ideal for those stepping straight off a flight and into a business meeting.

Furthermore, the motion-canvas construction of the tailored pieces includes a smaller number of internal components; in particular, the shoulders and chest canvas are made from fewer layers and are free from wadding, and Burberry’s classic horsehair canvassing spreads out to the shoulder – ensuring the suit maintains its sharp structure without weighing down or restricting the wearer.

Two-piece suits in the Travel Tailoring Collection start at $1,995 and blazers are available from $1,295.

Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856.

By Paul Joseph