Business Class Flyers: Virtual Reality Is On Its Way

By Paul Joseph

The improvements in virtual reality are gathering pace and it is no surprise to see them introduced to commercial flights, with airlines constantly striving to press ahead of the pack when it comes to in-flight entertainment.

The airline in question is Air France, who have teamed up with SkyLights, a start-up company that manufactures virtual reality headsets and systems.

The exclusive service will provide guests with virtual reality headphones for an out-of-this world experience and will soon be made available to business class flyers only.

Travellers can choose to view films, television series and music videos from a selection of 40 visual treats, with the help of 2D-3D headsets.

The service aims to provide an experience akin to being in a private theatre, entirely isolating passengers from the rest of the cabin and its variety of irritants (e.g. snoring co-passengers and screaming babies).

The Virtual Reality headsets also act as effective noise cancellation devices, meaning they can also be used to get some shut-eye yourself.

Currently, the service is in its pilot phase with only four of these headsets being tested on the Airbus A340, operating between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and  St. Martin in the Caribbean. However, Air France has confirmed that it plans to roll out the service to its remaining fleet very soon. 

By Paul Joseph