C-Seed Launch “World’s Largest Outdoor TV”

By Paul Joseph

Austrian electronics company C Seed have designed a new fold-up Television set that is said to be the world’s largest outdoor TV.

The 301-inch behemoth, simply called the 301, stands 19 foot tall and weighs an incredible 1,650kg.

Made from lightweight carbon fibre and titanium, the television even has the ability to fold up to save space.

The television also promises crystal clear images thanks to its luminosity of 4,500 nits, a 4:500:1 contrast ratio and 48-bit colour depth, meaning TV watchers won't have to worry about any glare from the sun.

Furthermore, there are almost four million LEDs processing image data up to 100,000 times per second, enabling the 301 to display 281 trillion colours. The screen also comes with HDR technology, 4K video support and a sound system that includes six broadband speakers and three subwoofers creating a total output power of 2,700 watts.

With the push of a button, the 301 can fold up and retract into its underground storage unit. It takes roughly 25 seconds for the set to fold or unfold and an additional 40 seconds for the seven LED panels to lock into place.

The 301 Television set by C-Seed will retail for $1.5 million.

By Paul Joseph