C SEED Unveil Supermarine TV and Speakers for Superyachts

By Paul Joseph

Yacht owners looking to spruce up their vessels with the very latest technology now have an exciting new entertainment system available to them.

Created by entertainment systems experts C SEED and now available worldwide, the fully retractable Supermarine 201 / 144 TV and Supermarine Speakers are billed as delivering the ultimate yacht entertainment experience.

Soon after winning the prestigious Red Dot design award for the world´s largest outdoor LED TV, C SEED received requests from the superyacht industry and set out to take this groundbreaking design to sea.

Now the C SEED Supermarine enters the market with the same uncompromising technical and visual sophistication that has earned the outdoor C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio iconic status.

The most spectacular engineering achievement of the C SEED Supermarine TV is its unique hydraulic drive system, a sophisticated combination of vertical and horizontal drives that retracts the whole huge screen into a shallow compartment of only 78cm depth, saving valuable space on and below decks.

Still, the Supermarine TV takes only 15 seconds to rise to its impressive height of 3 metres with effortless ease, while LED panels unfold silently within 45 seconds, rapidly bringing giant-screen entertainment to viewers.

Furthermore, the Supermarine´s unique qualities shine brightest when the Mediterranean or Caribbean sun is high: its luminosity of 4.500 nits and its contrast ratio of 4.500:1, together with a best pixel pitch and 48 bit colour depth produce a crystal clear picture for state of the art out­door TV entertainment, even in glaring daylight conditions.

“The C SEED Supermarine TV is driven by latest Technology, Functionality and Design – these elements are important characters in superyachts life," says company founder Alexander Swatek.

"We believe the enjoyment of our streamlined Supermarine TV will be mandatory in the future of all superyacht build."

Founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek and former Bang & Olufsen managers, C SEED is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and also has offices in Los Angeles, California.

By Paul Joseph