Cartier Launches Energy-Saving ID Two Concept Watch

By Paul Joseph

Iconic French jewellery house Cartier has created a revolutionary new high-efficiency concept watch said to consume 50% less energy than a conventional watch movement.

The ID Two concept is the product of more than five years of research and development from 135 engineers who focused on the optimisation of power to create what is billed as the world’s first "energy efficient" timepiece.

Housed within a 42mm case, the ID Two boasts several unusual and innovative features, all designed to achieve its goal of increasing the amount of energy stored in the watch.

In order to minimize the overall consumption, the watch transfers the energy from the barrels to the oscillator in an efficient matter. Utilizing polymer-coated fiberglass springs in place of the usual metal, the watch is able to retain 30% more energy than the typical wristwatch.

Additionally, Cartier has re-engineered the generally accepted linear steel and brass drivetrain and replaced it with anti-magnetic and anti-corrosive carbon crystal-coated silicon gears in a “planetary” structure.

Cartier say that the concept watch took inspiration from the automotive industry, using materials such as Ceramyst, a completely transparent ceramic for the case, and a vacuum seal to secure the caseback, which is said to reduce the number of air particles within the case.

The ID Two concept watch from Cartier is currently waiting on six patent applications.

By Paul Joseph