Casio Launch $6,200 Hammer Tone G-Shock Timepiece

By Paul Joseph

Japanese watchmakers Casio have unveiled the limited edition Hammer Tone MR-G timepiece, priced at $6,200.

The key feature of the watch is the method used to create it, which involved leveraging the Japanese Tsu-i-ki technique traditionally used to make parts of bullet trains and air-crafts. Both the bezel and the centre band links are hammer-finished.

The Hammer Tone bears highlights of Oboro-gin, a dark silver colour, and Akagene, a copper alloy that comprises of up to 5 per cent gold. Both Oboro-gin and Akagene are native colour elements found in Japanese craftsmanship.

The watch also houses a GPS-controlled multi-band 6, Tough solar, anti-glare sapphire glass and a titanium case and bezel.

As for durability, the G-Shock lives up to its name by withstanding water at depths of up to 200 metres. Other notable features include LED illumination, an alarm and calendar, World Time of 40 time zones, an airplane mode, stop-watch and countdown timer.

It will go on sale at select high-end retail outlets from July 2016.

By Paul Joseph